Travel Tips

I thought I would compile a list of some traveling tips that would be helpful for anyone traveling through Europe!

  • Skyscanner will be a life saver when planning trips! If you have a flexible schedule, this is the best website to find the cheapest flights to any place. I was just casually checking skyscanner when I found 60 euro roundtrip tickets to Brussels from Nice. Impromptu trips are the best part of studying abroad, right?!
  • Traveling by bus may not be the most convenient but it is cheaper! I always used flixbus and they are, for the most, part reliable. I took a trip to Milan and while the bus ride was on the longer side it was nice that that the bus had comfortable seats, wifi and snacks for purchase. Another added bonus was that the route we took had a scenic view of the Mediterranean!
  • Finding affordable places to stay was always a challenge for me. Hostelworld was the website I used the most. Always try to book your hostel as soon as possible as they fill up very quickly! Another tip is to check how close your hostel is to bus stops/metro stops to ensure travel around the city is easy. It also helps to know how far away you’ll be from the airport or train station so you can plan enough time to get there. Another option for finding places to stay is Airbnb. While, they are usually more expensive than hostels, they occasionally can be cheaper and are a better option if traveling with a larger group.
  • Packing is something I always struggle with! I tend to overpack almost always. But when traveling on budget airlines, you’re only allowed one hand luggage. So think practical, like wear comfortable walking shoes to the airport and pack one pair of shoes to wear on a night out. Also, make sure you pack a clear bag for all your liquid items!
  • Check websites for places you want to visit as they often have special discounts for students! I visited the Louvre for free because it is free for students on Friday nights. All you have to do is show your ID!
  • Trips are to have fun and while it’s nice to have a schedule don’t rely on it so much! Plans often change so don’t be discouraged if you have to change them. Be flexible and go with the flow!

These are some of the tips I thought about now. If I think of more I’ll make another post! I hope some of you find this helpful! If you have any other tips too leave them in the comments!



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